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Water PH

A patient's thoughts - I learned that every time we consume something with a low PH (or something acidic), it can cause tooth decay because the acid breaks down the enamel on our teeth. He says that it takes a half-hour after consuming these acidic food/beverages for our teeth to return to their neutral PH level. Dr. Snyder then recommended that if I’m going to have a Diet Coke (which I really appreciated his lack of judgment), I should have it with a meal or as a quick pick-me-up instead of sipping on it for hours. If you are sipping all day, the beverage keeps your mouth down in the level where teeth start to break down which can be a huge cause of cavities. The same tip applies to other acidic food and beverages. He then went further to show me a diagram of various kinds of bottled water. This image shows that Dasani water is almost as acidic as coke! Again, MIND BLOWN! Let’s just say I’ll definitely keep this graphic handy for next time I’m buying bottled water.

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